Sensory Garden

Hey everyone, we’ve done a check and the weather for the UK this weekend is looking to be mainly dry with a few scattered showers, perfect weather for getting outside and making a sensory garden…

Our top picks for your new sensory garden include:

Lavender, Mint and Rosemary for smelling, all of these have wonderful yet contrasting aromas. Lavender is especially fab as it really attracts the bees into your garden, give it a little brush with your hand to release the lovely calming fragrance. My little one loves to pick all of our smelly plants to make his own potions.

Lambs ear and Woolly Thyme are great for touch with lovely soft lambs ear and fluffy woolly thyme your little ones can get all touchy feely with these plants.

Chives, Cress and Rocket are yummy plants to pick and nibble on, they are a great easy way to get your tiny people to wonder at growing their own edibles. Leave a bit of a gap when growing this lot as rocket can be especially overpowering with aroma and you don’t want everything to taste of it.

Marigolds, Sunflowers and Cornflowers make an easy grow and colourful addition for your sight pot/container. Bursting with colour these plants really do give a feast for the eye.

You can grow all of this lot in small tubs and pots, you don’t even have to plant them all at once or just pick your favourite sense to grow. You could add bells or wind chimes near to your garden for the hearing sense of the wind rustling through your plants.

During the showery times this weekend you could make and decorate your sensory garden labels to add some lovely colour and fun to your mini garden.

Whatever you get up to this weekend we hope you have tons of fun and if you enjoy growing then you will love our Spring Box.

Aly x

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