Science Lava Lamp

scienceThis really easy experiment caused gasps and cheers in my house, so I definitely had to pass it on.

You will need:

  • 1 x Tall Glass or Jam Jar
  • Cooking Oil
  • Water
  • Food Colouring (any colour you chose)
  • 1 x Fizzy Vitamin C tablet

Fill your glass with cold water one third of the way up. Add a few drops of your food colouring and wait a tick for it to settle. Pour in the oil so that the glass is 2 thirds full, allowing some space at the top for bubbling and fizzing, you will notice the oil sits on top of the water which is cool to point out. Now this is the best bit! get your little one to drop the fizzy tablet into the glass. Watch as the mixture bubbles and fizzes with the coloured water blobbing up through the oil, it truly is awesome.

We sat for ages watching it bubble, fizz and make mini tornadoes inside the glass, it was surprisingly exciting plus relaxing watching the substances all battle one another. We had gasps, clapping and squeals of delight, simply the best noises you can hear from your little ones all from this really simple experiment.

We all really enjoyed this activity and we hope you do too.

Aly x

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