Memory Makers With Kids, Our Top 10

When you have a child you surely know that they grow up so fast and that it’s kind of hard to keep up with it. The best thing you can do is just enjoy it while they’re young and try to have as much fun together as possible; sharing every possible fun moment you can together. Before you know it, you’ll both have precious memories together that are simply going to be irreplaceable!

1 – Bake something – It doesn’t really matter what it is or if it tastes good, this will be a memory you both share forever. Just icing and decorating digestive biscuits is fun and great way to get creative and messy together.

2 – Read books together – Don’t just read a story to them but find a book that you both discover, get cozy and enjoy together.

3 – Draw together – Creativity doesn’t cost a thing, and at the same time, has absolutely no limits. If some great artwork comes out of the activity you can even hang it up on the fridge for your picture of the week.

4 – Have a picnic – It doesn’t even need to be outside, just have a picnic. It’s fun to eat somewhere new and not at the table and break the rules, especially with the food that’s involved.

5 – Write a letter – Writing a letter and sending it to a special person like Grandma or Santa is just going to be a great experience where your child can learn, have fun and bond with you at the same time.

6 – Build a fort – Building a fort is a great adventure and memory. Get things messy with cushions and blankets; build a private area for just you and your child to do whatever you want inside.

7 – Have a scavenger hunt – The mystery is surely going to intrigue your kids, making it a lot of fun for them. Whether inside or out, make a simple list of things to discover and find, this is great on the school walk home.

8 – Watch a movie – Add some popcorn, healthy snacks and a fun movie you both choose. Add blankets and dim the lights for extra coziness and a great night together.

9 – Make a puzzle – It’s a fun activity that gets the brain going as well. Amazing not only for development, but also for bonding. Just make sure it isn’t too big or complicated, you want to finish it within a few hours.

10 – Plant something – There’s nothing quite like giving life a chance to prosper. Plant something with your kids and watch it grow and develop just as your lives grow together.

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