Letterbox Club

Join our Letterbox Club!

Product Description

  • A fun-filled seasonal box through your letterbox every month.
  • Exciting themed boxes with a range of activities.
  • Stop your subscription at any time if you’re not 100% happy.
What’s in the box:
  1. A variety of exciting themed activities (not just arts & crafts)
  2. 3 fun activities, separately packaged within the box
  3. Bonus recycling task
  4. Reward chart
  5. Reward sticker
  6. Our famous ‘everlasting glue tube’
  7. Easy to follow instruction sheet, with pictures
  8. Paint brush
Subscriptions placed:
  • 13th-23rd Shipped 1st of the month
  • 24th-4th Shipped 12th of the month
  • 5th-12th Shipped 20th of the month