Kids Activity Bug Hunt

BUGS!!! we love them in our house! (I sort of don’t, but with 2 boys in the house I have to pretend I really do). So I embrace all things bug and go on a ‘Bug Hunt’. Here’s how we got on and our top tips…

You will need to be armed with implements such as:

  • 1 x Jar
  • I x Elastic band
  • 1 x Piece of cloth or paper with small air holes in to cover your jar
  • 1 x Plastic tongs (only necessary if you don’t want to touch the bugs)
  • 1 x Magnifying glass

Here’s the safety bit, not for the children mind, but for the bugs! (I know) don’t look at your bugs through the magnifying glass for too long as you may fry them, especially on a hot day and that wouldn’t be nice. Don’t trap anything that fly’s as it will get distressed being confined to your jar. Make sure your jar lid has air holes so the bugs can breath and let them go when you are finished inspecting them.

We started by kitting out our jar with some nice leaves and twigs to make the bugs feel at home. Then the search started to find some really interesting bugs, you will be amazed at what you can discover. The best places we found to look are under bits of bark or wood and in shady places under leaves and bushes.

We found a bright green caterpillar, a yellow lady bug, tons or earwigs and some kind of mini slug, wonderful! The kids did love this one and they looked so cute, like little mini beast detectives with their spy glasses. So despite my fears and phobias I did have fun and got quite into it in the end.

Hope you have fun on your bug hunt and drop us a pic on our Facebook page with your findings.

X Aly X

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