Handmade With Love – The Perfect Spring Craft Ideas

The weather is warming up, the daffodils are starting to bloom, and there’s a hint of sunnier days ahead. 

As Spring arrives, we’ve come up with some sweet and fun handmade gift ideas that will make beautiful keepsakes for grandparents and other relatives. 

These craft ideas are the perfect gifts to pop in the post and let family members know how much you love them.

Cupcake Liner Flower Card (Ages 3-5)
Cupcake Liner Flower Card

Handcrafted blooms rival real flowers any day. Make your grandparents smile with a homemade Cupcake Liner Flower Card.

You’ll need:

– Multicoloured cupcake liners

– 1 paper straw

– 1 large button

– A4 Card

– Glue

– Scissors


Step 1

Fold your A4 card in half and glue your straw to one side of the card. The straw will form the stem of your flower.

If your straw is too long, cut it in half before sticking it on the card. 

Step 2

Next, fold each cupcake liner in half 3 times to form petals for your flower.

Step 3

To form the leaf, fold a green cupcake liner in half 3 times. Glue it in place along the stem.

Step 4

To complete your flower card, attach your button to the centre of your flower with glue. 

Now you’re ready to include a heartfelt message.

DIY Lovebug Bookmark (Ages 5-8)
Lovebug Bookmark

For any relatives that enjoy sitting down with a good book, the DIY Lovebug Bookmark will make sure they never lose their place. 

You’ll need:

– A ruler

– Red and black felt 

– Glue

– Elastic

– Clear tape (optional)

– Small white buttons or googly eyes 


Step 1

To make the lovebug, use the template to cut out the shapes from the felt.

Top Tip: Stick the template onto the felt with tape and cut around each shape. 

Step 2

Take the two semi-circles and glue them onto the body, ensuring that only one corner of the semi-circles is touching. Then glue the spots onto the wings.

Step 3

Cut a piece of elastic 16 inches long. Cut a rectangle of felt that will fit on the back of the bug.

Step 4 

Glue the two ends of the elastic together, and then where the ends meet, attach it to the back of the lovebug.  

Step 5

Glue the rectangle of felt over the elastic to cover the ends.

Step 6

Finally, glue the googly eyes or buttons onto the lovebug’s head. 

Now the Lovebug Bookmark is ready to give to the bookworm in your family!

These easy & fun spring crafts will make wonderful presents for loved ones – no matter how far away they are – and are simple enough for even the littlest family members to put together. 

We love seeing your handmade creations; tag us @Rainydaybox in your Instagram photos or @Rainydayboxco on Facebook. For more craft ideas, check out the blog section on our website. We’re delighted to be featured in modernguy.co.uk so keep an eye out for the post!

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