Once upon a time…

There was a little girl called Aly whose mum was magic. Or so Aly thought . . .


You see, Aly’s mum never let it rain. Or if she did, Aly didn’t notice. She was either outside playing because it wasn’t raining, or inside playing . . . and too engrossed to be bothered by the weather outside.

When Aly became a mum, she wanted her sons to have a wonderful childhood full of imagination and exploration, just like she did when she was a little girl.

The idea for creating a rainy day box happened the winter when Aly’s eldest son, Kit, was 3 years old. She made him an entertainment box inspired by her childhood, filled with wonderful treasures to explore during their rainy days indoors. The contents of the first rainy day box included cooking mixes, arts and craft activities, board games, books, stickers and a whole hodgepodge of different things to match Kit’s ever changing mind.

From that first box and the time spent together on all the activities, Aly and Kit made the most magical memories. And so, wanting all parents and grandparents to create the same sorts of wonderful memories, Aly created the Rainy Day Box.


In 2017, mum of two, Jayne, took on the creative baton from Aly and become the proud owner of Rainy Day Box (as well running https://www.cookietastic.co.uk)

“I have always had a passion for all things creative – from photography to scrapbooking, pottery to baking, I always manage to find a craft shop wherever I go (and a new craft to try too!). My favourite thing about Rainy Day Box is knowing that I have the chance to inspire creativity in little people on a monthly basis!

And I hope with a Rainy Day Box we can make your rainy days or sunny days a little easier, and a lot of fun for the whole family. Things might get a bit messy, gooey or sticky but your little ones will love it and, if they love it, so will you.”

with love, Jayne x

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